Be the Web

Here’s what I see coming online…every day! It is so exciting. People are doing it, they are starting to understand that this life is not something to be squandered in mediocrity. They are hungry now, pressured by their very souls to let the Higher Self come down and be one in this world. And nothing is holding them back.

They are processing their emotions, meditating, praying, reflecting, seeking alternative, complimentary and holistic medicine, group work, soul work, life coaching, shamanic healing, retreats, workshops, blogging and anything else they can get their hands, hearts and minds wrapped around to allow the spirit to be free! And it is a beautiful sight to see.

I am in a unique position to see this phenomenon occuring. For as a web designer, I have the lovely opportunity to help people bring their vision to the world in the nebulous, dynamic and highly creative multi-dimensional world wide web. It is my passion to help people take their ideas, their vocations, their highest purpose and deepest callings and presenting them to the universe in a way that glorifies their work. It is at once physically on the internet, symbolically to the collective consciousness and energetically to the cosmos. These are big doings and I am not just a little in awe of this process.

 In my geographic region we have suffered a real estate/mortgage market crash in a state that has been dominated by that industry. I often wondered just how many real estate agents there could be? I know that many people saw real estate as a fast track to the big bucks. But I think the soul had other ideas. You see the soul doesn’t care a flip about money. And that’s why when you listen to it, you can’t stop the money from coming to you. Because everything that is now in form was once an idea, a thought and just prior to that…a spark that had no physical basis. And so knowing this, when accessing thoughts and ideas, it is very empowering to be able to tap into some resources we might not be aware that we have: the soul.

The spirit, the higher self, the soul and any other part of you that is accessed through your mind has the inside scoop. They have the inside scoop on what people want, what people need, what will lift them up, inspire them, help them create abundance, bring in more love and all the most attractive things you could possibly think of! So why the heck would you not want to listen to this sage? Because he/she is inside of the head and heart of our own self? Does that make this wisdom any less viable? The answer to that is NO, it does not! In fact, what is right for each of us, how to tap into our own unique expression is something that can ONLY be accessed through our own self. Others can counsel, teach, coach, and even inspire us. But the fact is that what we actually take into our hearts, into our belief system is what we are feeding our soul. And if we are feeding our soul junk food, there’s going to be a reaction. Hence, a market crash.

It’s funny how the universe and this interconnected web of souls has a way of communicating from the top down, as well as the bottom up to get things shifted to the high road. And so it is that the demand for people to do what they love to do, seek it out, ponder it, grow it, nurture it and be it has come forth en masse. I think we’ve reached the tipping point. We are slowly becoming unwilling to settle for less, either from ourselves or others. Suddenly, as we make way for the higher self to come down into expression, we start attracting lots of other self-expressing higher selves into our world. We’re starting to see each other and taking heart as we life each other up.

We ARE the web. We see it now just as clearly as the dew on a cobweb delineates every silken intersection. We see the spider as she sits at the center of her delicate, but amazingly strong web as she sits and waits for food to come to her. She did the work. She built her web, and she built it in the perfect location, and she anchored it to many branches and it sort of became holographic. Did you know that the architecture of spider webs have evolved, moving from 1 to 2 to 3 dimensional structures?

It is my extreme pleasure, my priviledge and my holy work to help others to bring forth their messages of hope, love, light, art and beauty, information, culture and all the fantastic expressions of the self that can be witnessed in this world. I know that my role is to midwife this “coming out” to the world, of soul purpose and passion, with care, finesse, wit, beauty and brilliance. It is my absolute joy to help others to shine! And I have my own unique way of doing that, some tools, some inspiration, some knowledge and alot of love.

My advice: Become the Web – BE THE WEB

When the web we weave unravels…

I have a tightly held, high touch marketing and design company called Weaves The Web Design Studio. I mainly build websites for those who help others. I shifted my business about 3 years ago to focus on working with people and projects that I truly believe in. I wanted to help people that well… help people. That is not to say that real estate agents and corporations don’t help people. They truly do. However, I really felt the need to be excited about and proud of the projects that are in my portfolio.

Since 1996 I have been helping people not only better use technology, but to also cope with it as well. I’m no inventor of the stuff, I just try to tap into it and help people hopefully use it to their advantage. Which brings me to my topic today: the power of the internet and what it has truly come to mean in our lives. For many it means ALOT! For some of us our dependency upon it can be quite scary at times, but it is definitely a step in the direction of placing your faith in something that doesn’t really exist, at least not in the way that we often think of as something being tangible. The web is just that….a web. It is a web of computers and servers which are accessible via this interconnected network we call the internet…and nobody owns it! What a concept.

Recently the company that takes care of the servers that host our websites performed a migration and a systems upgrade. They had projected a time frame in which there would be some down time, however, almost 48 hours later (and counting) many of our websites are still not accessible via the internet. I can only say that this has been and continues to be quite the experience. Apparently the massive amounts of email that had been in the queue during the downtime (mostly comprised of spam no doubt) overwhelmed the servers when the sites were brought back online  and the techs began troubleshooting and working at regulating this tremendous flow. Obviously this upgrade has turned into a nightmare for this team. And I for one would like to offer them some support.

Here’s what I have learned and experienced as a result of this situation:

1) My clients rock! Most of my clients have been consoling me! How amazing is that. I think my change in focus is paying off big time. I am so blessed to be doing business with such people. Just thank you all for your support during this mini crisis (I say that because, well no one is dying here, but I know when things like this happen that we don’t have much control over it can feel like we’re dying!)

2)Just how important the web and our websites really are to our life. (I think I’m going to start charging more money for my websites now that I know just how much people can’t live without them!!!) (just kidding)

3)The company and the technicians at the data center have been suffering far more than anyone in this whole thing and they need support, not poison arrows and negative energy directed at them. So send them some positive intentions and good thoughts. They are doing the best that they can and working around the clock. You know the internet and computer technologies are not a perfect science. Skilled people are coping in this wild west frontier just as those who know little. The nature of technology is that we are eternally being stretched as new technologies come online and everything changes at the speed of light! We need to be honoring and assisting those who are brave enough to help us with technology. It is a very difficult field to work in, because most consumers either know nothing or just enough to be dangerous and this makes people uncomfortable.

4)That there are just some things in life that you can’t control. The internet is definitely one of them. We can try, but that is the best we can do. Yes, it can be incredibly frustrating. Most of us have a love hate relationship with technology, but most of us would agree that it’s benefits and the benefits that it promises for our future far outweigh the negatives. It’s like money…it’s what you make of it. And also, like money, it just makes you more of what you already are.

I’d like to say thank you to my clients who are weathering this storm. I know we’re all going to be back online really soon. I’d also like to say thank you and send some positive thoughts to the team of people who haven’t slept for 4 days, who’ve been taking all kinds heat for this downtime and only want to serve us better. My company has been working with this team since 1999 and they have never provided anything except the most excellent and timely service. I have complete faith in our ability to move through this.  Sometimes, when the web we weave unravels, we find out what’s really holding it all together and it isn’t usually something you can touch, taste or see; It’s our attitudes and our hearts. This web is strong. It’s going to be worth it. You’ll see!

May you be Light,

Renee Bledsoe
She Who Weaves The Web